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Excel Add-In

ApaLibNET contains more than two hundered advanced portfolio analytics functions, bringing consistent performance & risk analysis, portfolio construction techniques and sophisticated statistical methods to Microsoft Excel, the most important analytical platform in the investment management world.


The Excel add-in version is sold as an annual subscription. The subscription price for using the Excel add-in on five computers is 295 CHF per year (click here to convert this amount to a currency of your choice). Using the add-in on one computer for one year is 110 CHF (click here to convert this amount to a currency of your choice). The subscription also includes example spreadsheets illustrating the use of the functions, a detailed PDF documentation with formulas and information on the algorithms used and updates with new functions and enhancements for existing ones. Additionally, a growing number of video tutorials are available, providing live examples on how to work with the library efficiently.

If you are interested in using the add-in on more than 10 computers, please contact us to receive a customized offer with attractive prices and additional services like support or training.

The add-in can be downloaded and activated immediately after purchasing. Click here to purchase.

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